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How do i get the Spotify toolbar to appear on my phone?

How do i get the Spotify toolbar to appear on my phone?



On my old Sony phone i had a toolbar on the homescreen and lockscreen of my phone to quickly change songs etc. From that i could also use the 'snext song' feature on my cars bluetooth device which would skip the song.
That phone broke and now i'm using a Huawei. I have Spotify installed, sill has all my songs, playlists etc. But i for the life of me can't get that very convienant tool bar to appear. Futhermore, i can pay spotify in my car through just going into the spotify app, but my bluetooth device will no longer skip the song..


Is there something i need to set up on Spotify or my phone?
Using my own phones music player i do get a toolbar and can skip songs in my car.. 
One last question, from what i remember there is a way to download songs from spotify and they appear in your own phones library.. But i can't seem to figure that out anymore either, would be a work around to my problem though.


Any guidance is appreciated.

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