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How do you filter your playlists when using folders on Android?

How do you filter your playlists when using folders on Android?

How do you filter downloaded playlists when using folders on Android Spotify?


WHen not using folders there used to be an option to filter the downloaded only playlists and albums.  As there are no restrictions on playlists I want to use playlists rather than the albums list.


On my phone having the list filtered by wether I have downloaded the said playlist would be a lot easier than having to scroll through when I want to play music.


If we can't can you please upvote this idea here:


Thanks in advance guys!


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Hi. I have a handful of folders so I downloaded one of the playlists in a folder to test. In playlists view, dragging down the list and filtering on "downloads" worked fine and the playlist was listed as it should be.


Maybe I've misunderstood you but are you saying that the "downloads" option isn't listed in your filters (drag down then tap the three bars to the right of "filter")?

When I am in the folder the only entries in the menu to right of the search bar are Sort By Name and Custom


That's where the downloaded filter was when I wasn't using folders which made life a lot more interesting.


This is version armv7


Ah, I understand now and yes, you're right but the playlists in the folder will still show in the normal playlist view filtered by "downloaded" so I'm not sure I understand why that doesn't work for you.

How do I get the normal playlist view then? All I have in Your Library/My Playlists are the folders and anything I haven't moved into a folder yet


You should be able to filter in Your Library/My Playlists . If it isn't working you may need to create a few more playlists outside the folders for the downloads filter to appear - experiment. Oh and I suggest you reorder your playlists on your PC so that the folders are at the bottom.

Folders are pretty clunky and I'm not sure Spotify is terribly interested to support them so it may be a question of trial and error to find something which works.

🙂 Thanks then Ill just have to fiddle... I was going to have everything in folders so that plan out if I can't get something to work.


You should be able to get it to work but yes, you will need to fiddle 🙂

I think Ive actually got it working now for anyone else having the same problem.


You need one playlist in the root folder that is not in any folder at all.  Once you have that you can see filter by downloaded menu entry in the menu next to the search bar.


When you do filter by downloads it gives you a list of all the downloaded playlists in all folders.



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