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How to "own" a foreign playlist

How to "own" a foreign playlist

Hi there!

I think about an upgrade to a family account. My own account (Acc#1) is a premium account, the accounts for my wife and my daughter are free accounts (Acc#2 and #3). The most playlists for my family are storaged at acc#1. Now I'll try to copy the playlists to account #2 and #3. Problem: There is only a possibility to share or to follow. So the playlist will be shown at acc#2 or #3 as an playlist of user #1. If deleting the playlist at acc#1, the playlist also disappers at acc#2 and #3.

Is there a possibilty to copy a playlist from one account to another? So the owner of the playlist isn't acc#1, but acc#2 or #3???

I'll avoid to generate new playlists at the other accounts - if I have to do this, I have to list about 200 songs each playlist...



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