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How to sort Playlists?

How to sort Playlists?

I'm a premium user (I don't know if that matter in a case) on Android's Spotify and have loads of albums saved as playlists.

I would like to be able to sort them for example by name, artist, album, year or whatever,
but it seems there's no option to do that.

is it only me that finds it missing?

Would be grateful for support!
1 Reply

Two possible solutions.

1.)use desktop spotify to make folders for your albums. For example you could make a "2015" folder or a "Bob Dylan" folder. This is kind of hard to use though cause you could only sort by one thing. (also, you can rearrange playlists in whatever order you want on desktop.)

2) this is, IMO, the better solution: use "Your Music". Click "save" on all your albums (this doesn't download them, it just puts them in the "Your Music" section). Then, you can go to the "Your Music" section and sort by artist and name. Not sure about year. But it's definitely more user-friendly than using individual playlists for all your albums. (it kind of looks like iTunes or something)

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