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How to sort playlists (songs in playlists) on Android?

How to sort playlists (songs in playlists) on Android?

Hi there,

maybe im just too stupid to find the button but how to sort the songs in a playlist?

e.g. sorted "last added" "name" and so on.

atm im getting stupid while searching a song in my playlist.

on the computer its just one click but i cant find it at the phone :S

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Not there at the moment. It's on the wishlist:
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

Is it still on the wishlist???

How come this still isn't implemented???

It's the most basic feature since at the moment it is nearly impossible to find a song on a mobile device.

We are now in april 2013, and still hopeless to find songs on my mobile device. This is simply not good enough. I'm looking for alternatives....

This is just horrible when you want to go the the last added song in a huge playlist. It takes forever !

Please implement a sort functionality.

Thought I was going mad.  I'm guessing this is still not implemented or so incredibly unintuitive that I cannot figure out how to do it.


Is there an alternative UI for spotify that supports this functionality?

Don't think there is, no. Also have tried grooveshark (not available in Google play store, but can be downloaded from their web site). Here you can edit the order manually but not sort or search in lists.

In the latest version of the app you can change the sorting. A new icon has been added on the top right allowing you to sort on song title, not artist yet, but it's a start

Hey there folks!


As @sneakyvv mentions, it's indeed possible to sort tracks in a playlist.


At the moment however it's possible to sort by TitleRecently AddedArtistAlbum or Custom. Keep in mind that you'll need to be on Premium to take advantage of this feature.


You can find more info in this Spotify Answer


Have a lovely day 🙂

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