How to use Mobile & Desktop...


How to use Mobile & Desktop...







Google Pixel XL 2 - HP Laptop

Operating System

Android 9 - Windows 10

My Question or Issue

I like to use my phone to listen to podcasts on my commute.  I also like to use my laptop to listen to music while at work during the day.  Recently I've only been listening to podcasts, so I didn't know this was an issue.

I've got a play queue on my phone with a very specific mix and order of podcasts.  This doesn't always save my changes and sometimes it takes 3-4 tries to get everything saved (it tends to disappear overnight), so the fact that I've got a weeks worth of listening all queued up is important to me.  Today I opened spotify on my desktop and clicked my discover weekly playlist.  I picked one song in it and  played it.  When that song was over, it switched to one of the podcasts I listen to, but the most recent episode, not my next podcast.  In horror, I stopped playing and opened my phone spotify - this brought the podcast back to my phone and when I went to my queue, it's gone.  


So does anyone know a better way to have a specific list of podcasts to play in order (like a playlist) AND make sure the list only gets played when desired?