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Huge amount of data being consumed by Spotify

Huge amount of data being consumed by Spotify

I am using the Motorola G4 Plus (Android 7.0) with Spotify Premium installed. This past billing cycle, within 3 weeks, the app has consumed 3.37 GB of data. I still have a week to go before the data counter reset. It has never been this large before. I only listen when I'm driving in the car for maybe an hour a day tops. Can the data usage be this high?


I have tried clearing the cache, logging out and back in again, uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I only download the songs using Wifi. Cellular download is turned off.


Has there been a change to the app to cause it to download more data?

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I've noticed the same. Data consumption has increased as well over mobile data as over wifi, both in my mobile phone. I used to use around 6 GB over wifi and 1.5 over mobile data, and both of them has doubled since two months ago. Wifi is not much a problem (it only reduces the bandwidth on my home) but mobile data forces me to change my mobile plan.


I turned the data to the minimum quality, but the problem persist.


Is Spotify buffering too much data in advance, or has it doubled the bps of the protocol?



I've also got this problem, Spotify has used over 1.1gb of my 2gb allowance, and all I do is play already downloaded music in the car, and only download everything on WiFi.


Latest Android version and it's started happening in the last 2 months.


Going to try a reinstall, then will have to restrict background data if it keeps doing it.


Going to have to buy more data now for the next week, thanks Spotify! 

Maybe you should Off your data before streaming on music and listen on downloaded songs.



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