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I can't confirm the login with Facebook

I can't confirm the login with Facebook

I'm trying to login on my account but when I put the user and password of Facebook, appears a white screen saying " Confirm login ", it used to be simple but don't have any information or a OK buttom to press and continue.

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Hey @mury_apc, welcome to the Community.


Looking to link your Spotify and Facebook accounts? Easy. Check out this FAQ page on a step-by-step guide on how.


If that didn't work, please use your browser to connect your account to Facebook.

Make sure to clear it's cache or use Incognito mode.


Hope I was able to help 🙂

I have the same problem and I've tried your solution, but it didn't work. I think we both created our accounts with facebook, so we don't have to link our accounts with it. When I try to log in spotify with facebook, I insert the email and password and then appears a white window. At this point there is nothing to do because there isn't any button to continue.

Please, on your Account page just go to Apps tab and see if Facebook is listed there.

If it is it means it is already connected to it.

It's not listed in there, but I have tried all that you've said and nothing worked to put facebook in the Apps tab. If it helps I'm having this connection problem in my android smartphone. Thanks for all 🙂

I see, please try to do it on PC from your account page of Spotify.

If you still have issues just let me know 🙂

Well, I have the connection problem on the android phone. However, I've been trying all that you said on the pc. It's strange because I can use spotify on other devices I have, right now I'm listening to music on the pc. I permitted spotify on my facebook and it still doesn't appear in the apps tab in my spotify account page. Sorry if I'm not explaining myself very well.

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