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I can't connect to Chromecast anymore

I can't connect to Chromecast anymore

Starting a couple days ago whenever I try to connect my Spotify to my Chromecast (it always worked with no issues previously) when I tap on to select a device to which stream the content it shows me the name of my chromecast device but I can't select it and it says "the Spotify app is not installed". I tried restarting the Chromecast and uninstalling and installing again the app and yet still the same. What is going on?







Samsung Galaxy A8 ( 2018 ) 

Operating System



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Having issues with Spotify Connect as well all of a sudden. I can't get it to play on Amazon devices, Chromecast devices nothing. When I put an Amazon Alexa into spotify connect, I can see it in the list. However, I cannot click on it to actually play it there. Nothing happens.

Family Plan
Country US
Note 10
Operating System

I got the same problem since I updated Spotify to version (I updated on 30.11.2020). Now the Spotify App can not longer be reliably connected to the Google Cromecast. The Chromecast is shown in the App but "greyed out" (not selectable) with the message "Spotify not installed" (translated from original german message "Spotify nicht installiert"). Occasionally the hint disappears and then a connection is possible - as in the past half year that I used Spotify.


The standardized tips like reboot, reinstall etc. were, as usual, all not very helpful. The malfunction described above is identical on two Android devices (smartphone and tablet) from two different vendors. Using Spotify on a PC with Windows 10 the connection with the Chromecast works perfectly. This means that the error is probably quite clearly in the new Spotify App ( for Android.


When will there be a patch that fixes this bug? Or is there any chance to return to the previous version of the App?


Addendum: I deinstalled newest Spotify version and installed previous version from site 

Now Spotify connects to Cromecast as usual. Hope that I didn't catch a virus from that site.


With the latest update to version the problem disappeared. Now cromecast connects well again.


Having the same issue recently. Can't connect to my LG SJ9 Soundbar with built in Chromecast anymore. Won't work with either iPhone XS on 14.0.1 or macOS device on 10.14.6 with latest version of Spotify on both devices. Tried casting from aswell (via Chrome) but that doesn't work either. Can play music from Soundcloud just fine.

Hey there folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


The right team from Spotify is aware of these issues and they're currently looking into it. You can head over to this Ongoing Issue thread for more info. Don't forget to add you +Vote and subscribe to the thread to stay up to date with any developments.


Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have more questions.


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I have the same setup and the same problems. All other apps can cast via Chromecast on my SJ9, Spotify can't

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