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I dont see albums but my friends seeing

I dont see albums but my friends seeing






Samsung A5 2017

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 Hey I have question. I dont see albums mu favorite band but my friends seeying everything we have  both premium and I dont know why I can't listen music 

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Hey @t1-qqub_sl8f9, welcome to the Community!


If you're both in the same country, you should have access to the same catalog. Ask your friend to send you the link to the albums you're not able to see. Paste them into your search bar to see if they show grayed out.


You can also try finding the albums on a different device to see if it helps.


Let us know how it goes.

Hi I tried and didn't work I don't have still same calatogs.. I don't have idea why .My account don't see this albums like..doesn't exist 

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