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I have a OnePlus 3T and since last week spotify is not working while the WiFi is connected.

I have a OnePlus 3T and since last week spotify is not working while the WiFi is connected.

I've tried installing an older version of Spotify as they say in blogs but doesn't work either, I have Spotify Premium and it says that I'm offline while I'm connected to the WiFi, but it works with the 4G. Someone help?
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I have the exact same problem with my One Plus 3T, don't know what to do though... Very frustrating... I have to uninstall and reinstall everytime I want connection, and I think once I close the app once, the problem comes back...

Hi I have the same issue, did you manage to solve it already? Quite annoying have to use 4g now for downloading.

No unfortunately not... If you uninstall the app, the reinstall it, it will
work perfectly fine for a while, but then the problem comes back... But at
least this way you can download everything on wifi for the week or so.

Still not figured out the solution? Annoying...

Does turning off IPv6 make any difference?

No idea, very frustrating!

So try it.

Sorry that reply was for the wrong message. I will give that a go, thanks!

How do you turn that off?

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Configure Wi-Fi. Scroll to bottom of the page and check the IP address format (IPv4 = Single line, IPv6 = Multiple lines). If the IP address is IPv6 based, then turn off the IPv6 Support toggle.

You could also turn off IPv6 on your wifi router.

You are not alone. Exact same problem here going on two weeks and cannot find any resolution. Will have to cancell my spotify premium if I cannot figure this one out.

I've tried to solve this with Spotify for many days. They do not have a solution that helps. I have cancelled My premium. This still sucks.

darn that really does suck. I need Spotify. Weird that it just started
happening lately.

Yeah. I've had this phone for over a year. Problem started a month ago...

Go to settings > applications > Spotify and enable WiFi. Hope this helps 

Hi Everyone,


Finally I think I have figured this one out this evening. So far its been working for an hour and closed and restared my phone and the app multiple times. Hopefully this can help you guys too


Go to Setting - Personal - Apps - Application List - Spotify - Data Usage. In here make sure that the options Wi-Fi disabled and Datausage Disabled are turned OFF. I've compared them to other apps and all other apps are turned off but for some reason Spotifys were turned on. This is defintely strange because like mentioned before after downloading the app works for a bit and then stops. This appears to be the reason.


Do let me know if this works for you. 

Yeah I also found that a couple of days ago!!! Soooo happy to have figured
that out!

Thanks for sharing!

That worked for me. It's taken me 3 months to find - quite ridiculous.


Thanks for sharing.

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