I just feel like the mobile app (Android at least) has gotten worse and better


I just feel like the mobile app (Android at least) has gotten worse and better


Hey guys,

So with the new UI overhaul, I am really enjoying the new features and ways to get to artist radios and pages. On the other hand, there are a few new annoying bugs that have really made the app a lot worse. First off, now when you search for a song, instead of playing that song's radio after it has finished, it goes down the search list which is almost never an ideal situation as the song might be some random genre. Secondly, when shuffle playing, an artist radio no longer comes on after all of the tracks have been shuffled through which is super annoying when driving and wanting more similar tunes to the artist you just listened to. Something else that I feel should be added to the mobile app is the ability to add an entire artist's discography to a playlist with the push of a button. There really is no easy way to do this with the mobile app and makes the experience a little frustrating. A second suggestion I have is the ability to create multiple artist stations that just play those artists. I realize that you could make a playlist with those artists but like I said above, it's really difficult to do on the mobile app. Overall, I'm really enjoying my Spotify experience since I switched from Slacker but there's definitely some improvements that need to be made. Especially since the new UI overhaul. Thanks and keep up the good work!