I need an answer about updates for the mobile android app urgently!


I need an answer about updates for the mobile android app urgently!


Spotify customer support,

I've been a premium subscriber for several months now and I recently got a samsung galaxy tab 8.9" that runs Honeycomb (and that eventually will be upgraded to Ics) and I must say it's very frustrating to use the spotify app, wich has turned useless since it keeps going offline every 2 seconds even though I'm connected to wi-fi, this makes completely impossible for me to listen to music and not even dream about syncing my offline playlists.

There are also bugs on the app for previous versions of spotify for android. I have an HTC G2 that runs Android version 2.3.4 and everytime I add a song to a playlist it stops playing and signs out.

These problems can not happen to a music software whose core business is to offer digital music content. The service I'm paying for every single month guarantees access to my music and playlists from my mobile devices, online and offline. And currently I'm not getting any of that in any device, except for my computer, but then again I wouldnt have to pay a premium subscription for that, right?

The worst part is that this issue has been going on for more than 5 months now according to all the posts on forums online, and what has Spotify done about it? Not even provide a real explanation of what's going on!

As users paying for a service (you guys cost me $120USD per year!!!) We have the right to know what's going on, and if there will be an update to solve my problems or not, because otherwise it's just not worth it!

I appreciate a straightforward answer.

Thank you very much.