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I need help syncing offline songs (campus WiFi)

I need help syncing offline songs (campus WiFi)



I recently moved to a campus where there seems to be a restriction on their Wifi so spotify refuses to sync my local files from my PC to the phone. This is VERY frustrating, as I have a lot of local files that I want to sync. 


Surely there must be a work-around for this? :S

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Hi, I'm afraid you have to use WiFi for device sync. The only work-around would be to get yourself a cheap router or extender and connect that way. I'm afraid a little investment is required, sorry there's just no direct support for syncing as it can be used to break licencing restrictions.

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I made it work by using my phone as a portale hotspot and connecting with the same network on my laptop.

It did take 200 MBs, but ehh it was worth it 🙂 

You are a life saver!! I had so much trouble figuring out how to get around my campus wifi and now I know! Thanks again! 

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