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I need some help

I need some help

Someone I know was using their premium account on Spotify and had a video of songs in a play list showing so we could watch the video on youtube and the audio was comming threw their spotify program on their laptop can someone explain to me how they did this.
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Hi @mortax10,

If you are on a Desktop you can minimize Spotify with a playing song in the background and can watch a Video (e.g. on YouTube) in the foreground. That's the only way how it could have worked.

I hope I could help you with that.


Stay Awesome!


Quant no they were playing a whole Playlist and the videos were comming up on youtube which I thought was fantastic. All i have been doing is i make a play list with requests from people and I just want to be able to show the videos along with the audio from spotify but if that is not possible then I won't use spotify for what I intend to do and just use youtube as all the people who listen to the music and request songs end up just wanting to see the youtube videos so really no point on doing anything but just looking up a song request on youtube waiting till it starts bringing youtube up in full screen mode wait for the song to finish and then go look up the next one and so on till we run out of time.

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