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IOM Galaxy S5

IOM Galaxy S5

I have just upgraded from iPhone 5 to Galaxy S5 and cannot install the Spotify app.

I live in Isle of Man and the iPhone version worked okay.

I have added payment details to my Google play account to confirm location and have tried clearing the cache.

It doesn't appear in the list of apps on the play store and if I add it to wishlist from laptop and try and install from the phone, it says device not supported.

Any one have any ideas - I have all my play lists saved and don't want to lose my access.


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Hey there @mikerowl, welcome to the community!


Don't worry, Spotify has you covered! All your music and data is stored on their servers so you don't have to worry about losing any music. To download the app go to on your phone then tap "manually download the application." 🙂 

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