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Imported new U2 album to Spotify will not allow offline play on mobile device

Imported new U2 album to Spotify will not allow offline play on mobile device

I can play the album from the desktop version of Spotify, I created a new playlist added the new U2 album to it, then went to my Samsung S4 clicked on the new playlist and ensured play offline was enabled, I see all the songs in the playlist but they are all greyed out and I just see the message waiting to download.


I thoght I may have an issue so I randonly selected a couple of songs from my Itunes libarary and dragged them over to my playlist and they synced without an issue and I can play them offline but for some reason the new U2 album will not download to played offline

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Hi. Can you check you have enough free space? Do you have a lot of music already stored? can you try toggling the offline button add well?

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If the songs you are adding are local files (songs you bought from other services or imported to Spotify) you need to follow the steps in this post to sync them to your mobile device 🙂

Hope this helped 🙂

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