Impossible to use my sd card as main storage

Impossible to use my sd card as main storage


Hi everybody,


I can't use my sd card to store my data from spotify (synchronized music mainly). I don't see the option on my apps in the parameter menu.


My phone is a Huawei P10 Lite, and I have difficulties to set correctly my sd card as the main storage for my others applications.


Is anyone can help me ?





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Hi there !


Did you try going in the settings (little icon on the top right corner in your library), then scrolling all the way down ? There should be a "storage" setting where you can select local or sd card.


Hope that helps.




Thanks for your answer. I tried this option but it doesn't work : Spotify don't want to use my sd card by default. 


I am currently trying to use a manual way by moving the data file directly on my sd card (via the File Apps) 


I'll keep in touch to inform you about this option. 



I'm getting this on my Samsung Galaxy S7. Even when I give spotify access to the SD card there is no option within Spotify.


It seems I found a trix that works. 


I moved manually the spotify data from the phone memory to the sd card. Even if Spotify can't be moved to the sd card (it's pretty confusing), my synchronized music is now on my sd card.


I am not sure of that result because I can check only the data size, not the nature of the content itself. 




The SD card needs to be formatted as external (removable) storage. If you don't do this the option for saving to it does not appear in the Spotify settings.




I come back to you to give some news.


raacampbell  : I can't do that as my phone needs the sd card too. Because of that solution I talk above, I had to remove and reinstall some applications.


But now, Spofity sets up itself offline when I am not on wifi connection by default and I have to correct that manually when I am out of my flat.




Sorry to hear, try a fully clean reinstallation.


- Go to System Settings

- Go to "Apps"

- Find Spotify there

- On Spotify's page, first, tap "Force Close"

- Then tap "Clear cache" if it's not greyed out.

- Then tap "Unninstall" and remove the app.

- After uninnstalling, power off your device.

- If you can, remove the battery now. Power back on.

- Using a file manager on your phone or with your USB cable and your computer, go to Internal Storage > Android > Data and delete a folder called

- Reinstall Spotify from Google Play


If you do these steps correctly, you'll do a clean reinstallation of the app, with no piece of data to tell Spotify to save data to your internal storage. This works.

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