Incredibly slow...

Incredibly slow...







Xperia xz3

Operating System

Android 9


Spotify has become so slow it's almost unusable. It takes literally minutes to open a playlist, or an artist profile or an album list. It makes no difference if the songs are downloaded or being streamed, it's the same delay. The app and the phone (xperia xz3) are completely up to date, the cache is empty and I've tried reinstalling the app. Nothing works. When I'm in a hurry and want to get some music in the car I often have to just give up and put on the radio or I'll be late. It's getting very frustrating and for the first time I'm thinking of just changing to another service to see if they are any better.


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Hey! Sorry to hear you're having issues!


You might want to try the steps outlined in this Android Troubleshooting page, they may be able to solve your problems.


If not, let me know! I'll think of another way to help 🙂

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