Is Spotify the reason my phone reboots?

Is Spotify the reason my phone reboots?


 I have a Ulefone Armour 2 running Android 7.0. The phone does random reboots and I cannot figure out why. It's getting quite frustrating.


I am unsure if this is related or a coincidence, but when ever the phone does the reboot by its self, an error message for Spotify pops up stating "no storage area found". The app then does not work. I either have to clear the cache and data or restart the phone myself.


I don't have an SD card in the phone as it's duel sim and I have 2 Sims.


I have just factory reset the device and reinstalled Spotify and the phone did it again 🙄.

Spotify premium btw if that makes a difference? Also I don't download music as the reboots also cause the downloaded music to corrupt some how and vanish.


Has anyone come across this? If so, do you know why and is there a fix?

Thanks in advance

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