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Is spotify ignoring all android ppl?

Is spotify ignoring all android ppl?

Last update on spotify whas 4 mouth ago, check android market comments, its like 1000 that complain, no response from spotify at all, the app is crashing and isnt working for alot of ppl. Yes i tried all the reinstall things and so u told me to do, still isnt working, i got samsung s2 android 2.3, and all ppl that have 4.0 still no update for them, how can u just ignore all ppl, and have u stopped the devolment of the app, no update for 4 mouth ? Android ppl does pay 100 sek every mouth to ? FIX IT or i cansel this soon, sad becaus spotify is a good music program whene it works..

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This is very frustrating. I have been waiting for an upgrade to the Android version for a long time now and it seems that no progress has been made. I have encouraged a few friends to switch to premium and be able to stream Spotify in their car. They loved this at first, but when they realized all the bugs in the Spotify Android app and the features that were missing from the iOS version they decided to not renew their Spotify Premium subscription. I'm considering doing the same.

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