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Issue downloading songs and moving to SD card

Issue downloading songs and moving to SD card

Hi all,


My sister just bought a Xperia XA, model F3116, running Spotify armV7 on Android 7.0. This Spotify version is already an update, because the phone has a native version, which I'm not sure what it is. The phone has a storage of 16gb without microSD card, and she got one of 32gb, and the native version of Spotify does not support data transfer to the microSD card.


She tried to download around 1k songs to the microSD card, but every time the download is finished, it restarts all over again, and the songs becomes unavailable to offline listening.


We already tried formatting the microSD card, reseting the phone to factory settings, but we cannot do a clean install of Spotify, since it has a native version which cannot be uninstalled.


I looked up for solution in the forum, but it seems there are no other post with this exact problem, but some related like auto deleting downloaded songs, and other permission issues.


Is there any workaround for oru problem?


Thanks in advance.

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