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Issue with loading fail/timeout when app loads

Issue with loading fail/timeout when app loads


I am having an issue with very long loading times and load failing when first opening the app and clicking on New Releases, searching by artist, or viewing recently played. This seemingly is happening everytime I first load the app. Artists, songs, etc that I have saved we play instantly. However, I almost always will get the loading green icon when clicking the above listed areas and often results in the "Oops. Something went wrong message." Usually after a few minutes, the sections will load and I won't have any further issue while the app is in use.

I've cleared cache, deleted data, uninstalled and reinstalled but I still have the same issue.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5 on Android 5.0 and have a Premium subscription. I just updated to the newest release, but this has been ongoing since several updates ago.

Thanks for your help,
2 Replies

Bump. I am still having this issue despite having the most recent update.

Did you ever resolve this issue? I'm getting the same, on multiple devices/connections. It's very annoying.

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