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Issues with losing volume only on spotify

Issues with losing volume only on spotify

I have a galaxy s6, been a spotify premium member for years now and I recently got rid of my iPhone for a new samsung. Never had an issue with my iphone, but now with my s6 when I sync to a bluetooth device or wear my headphones and usually within a second of playing the volume goes from full volume to about 3/4 volume and I can't turn it back up. It really is bugging me cause I listen to my music loud and this keeps me from doing so... I thought it could be just my phone, but I downloaded slacker radio and I have no issues with the volume on it... help me out please. I dont want to cancel my subscription due to this, but if it doesnt get resolved soon, i will... Thanks.
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Hi there.


The overall sound on phones sold in European Union comes already limited like a half. The volume remaining is 1-15 and it is lowered in hour by EU. In case you need just double-click warning and volume goes again louder.


Volume warning


In case, the problem is not here, please reintall Spotify and keep it updated, as one update fixed main volume problem on Spotify.


I hope you will have nice days of ending summer!


Kind regardz,

Jyrziu xd



Thanks, I'll reinstall it and see if that helps. It does give me the sound warning l, but I always press ok and turn it all the way up... still isn't as loud as it should be.



Please tell also the version you are using, you can see that by going to app and then Settings.


Mine is 3.4 and here volume is way better.


Check this out!

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