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Issues with random pausing when locking screen/inactivity

Issues with random pausing when locking screen/inactivity






Samsung Galaxy S10 (SM-G973F

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

Earlier this summer i had big issues with spotify pausing after aprox. one minute. 
When pressing lock button to wake up the screen the music would continue. The music would also continue when adjusting volume. 
I have a smart watch, and could see that the music catually didn't pause, it just stopped. The problem usually did not happen in offline mode.


Yesterday i activated offline mode. This morning i listened to music fine, then i turned offline mode off, and the problem i had this summer was back. Now its not a minute, its only a couple of seconds before music stops. 


It's worth mentioning that i've only experienced this when using the Samsung Galaxy Buds.
It's also woth mentioning i've tried most things to solve this. 

I actually have a new phone. (So pretty much "reinstalled" OS)

Phone is NOT in power saving mode

I've checked battery settings to see if app is forced to sleep when no activity.

I've gone from Alpha tester (nightly or more updates) to regular user (this was due to a bug where app would not open).

Updated/reinstalling app without deleting cache/data

Updated/reinstalling app with deleting cache/data

Current ver.:

When writing this Spotify actullay updated to ver.: (Not sure if bug is still active, will update if problem continues).


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