Keep Spotify app running when using Connect

Keep Spotify app running when using Connect

Normally the app always shuts down after 5 minutes or so when running in the background while using Connect, meaning not playing through the phone but on my Wifi speaker for example. I always have to start the app again in order to skip songs or do any other controls. Is there a way to force Spotify to keep running?

Thank you!

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Probably to do with your power saving settings but let me know your device model and android version and I'll find you some more specific details.

You mean this is not normal? I thought it was a normal behaviour of the app. Anyways thank you for looking into it! Sony xperia z1 compact, Android 5.1.1


PS: The app still shows up when I enter androids recent apps menu, but the controls disappear from the notification bar after app 5 min.

Many other users are having problems recently with the notification vanishing.


Spotify controls not appearing in notification bar

Only that i think they are having the problem with bluetooth, and downgrading to Spotify 6.2 seemed to have solved their issue. It didnt for me

Luckily spotify's support for chromecast kind of solves the issue. Im starting to believe it must be some kind of deliberate power saving function from spotify's side. Anyways when streaming to a chromecast device the app keeps running as usual. 

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