Keep losing my offline songs

Keep losing my offline songs

Hi, I've been having this problem for two weeks or so. Every two days I have to redownload my songs because I open Spotify and it turns out they are not available offline anymore. Anyone having the same problem? Solutions? 

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Yes, I have the same problem, I have a workaround, but not a fix:

Waiting for a more permanent solution

This continues to be a major issue, fix this or I'm going to Google Music

disappointing, especially since i'm paying for their app monthly... and this problem is becoming a nuisance really.

My offline songs in Google Pixel are randomly lost. First time ever I consider switching away from Spotify. 


Please fix.

I agree. Its a complete pain especially because I download them on top quality. Many of my friends have the same problem, and if it happens again Spotify will lose my monthly payment!!!!!!!

Spotify clearly has NO customer service whatsoever.  Bye-bye douchebags!  Cancelling subscription

Had this problem, seemed to have fixed it by following these steps;

I am an offline high quality listener, mosty during flights.

Re-installing Spotify and re-downloading all my songs is not a solution,

1) My experience will gradually weaken as albums and playlists start to
lose songs.

2) Downloading all the songs manually is a hassle, including copying a
couple from my music store

3) Slight worry, when does it again stop working...

yep, also happen to me, this is the first time in this month, but it already happen couple times in these past 4 months, its frustating !, i even replace my darn SD card

seriously spotify team, fix this issue!, i pay for nothing

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