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Keep the costumer satisfied!

Keep the costumer satisfied!

Reading his forum / community i can't understand the crew of Spotify is not taking there costumers seriously, judging by the lack of responce of the crew / moderators on the mayor topics. Does it really has to come this far to leave Spotify by masses.

Let's face it, the new Android app is a failure. In my line of work i can't afford to make a mistake with this size (I'm a hardware / sofware engineer in the industrial part). People are complaining massively, about going ofline, can't play any playlist seamlessly, crashing, huge data usage even wen there in offline mode, etc, etc....

Be hounest this can't be the solution. Ofcouse people are demanding more functions, but first take care about the mayor problems that are appearing before taking it to higher grades.

All Android uses (at least the most of them) are Premium uses who are paying for this services! Solve them! Make your costumers satisfied!

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