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Keeps going to suggested radio instead of the next song

Keeps going to suggested radio instead of the next song

It's really annoying i can't play one song without it going to the radio for songs "like" the one i was listening to it automatically does that and i want it to stop asap
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Hey @Maiyah11, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Are you currently using Spotify Premium or the Free service?


Looking forward to your response 🙂

I am using spotify premium



Could you quickly log out and back in to your Premium account and then check your subscription details to double check your subscription.


If the problem still persists, please let me know!

I am having the same problem. I logged out and logged back in and my subscription still says premium. But it still keeps going to radio...

If radio starts once a music list you have selected finishes, go to spotify settings and turn off "autoplay".

No that is not the problem

Instead of playing guessing games. could you maybe explain exactly whay happens and when. Please also post details of your device, android version and spotify version, thanks.

Delete the spotify app and reinstall it .Thats the only thing that worked
for me

When I play a list of songs by artist, it immediately jumps to the song radio after each song, instead of going to the next song on the list like it used to. It's only a problem when playing off a list of songs by artist, not album or specific playlist.


I deleted the app and reinstalled it, same problem. I have an iphone 7 with the latest update of the Spotify app. The problem only started after the last update.



@skr4726 please head over to the iOS section of the community where you are far more likely to find support.

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