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Last several versions of Spotify don't work

Last several versions of Spotify don't work

The Spotify Android app has not worked for at least the last 4-5 versions, if not more.  Originally, the app would open to a dark gray screen, then a "Spotify is not responding" dialog would come up.  With the current version and the most recent previous version, it still opens to a dark gray screen, but then it exitself after about 30 seconds.  I've tried re-installing the app, and I've tried clearing all app data.  I am using this app on a Sony Tablet S that's running Android 4.0.3, which is the most recent version for my tablet.  Please fix!

2 Replies

I just installed the most recent update 15 minutes ago, and it STILL does the same thing!  It goes to a black screen, then exits itself!  Why hasn't anything been done about this yet, considering there are many other Androud tabet users that may have the same issue?  (It still works fine on Android Phones)

Why hasn't this been fixed yet?!  I can't believe more people haven't come forward with this issue.  I'd try to uninstall and reinstall the app again, but I'm afraid I won't be able to install it, because now when I try to view the app in the Play Store, it says I have no internet connection, even though I actually DO have an internet connection!  (Which is a Google Play glitch, not a Spotify glitch, but still) 

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