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Last update brought critical problems

Last update brought critical problems

Hi, i have an Android 6.0.1 OxygenOS 3.1.4.

After last "wonderful update" i have noticed a several CRITICAL problems with playlists:photo_2018-05-15_22-59-54.jpgphoto_2018-05-15_23-00-00.jpg

1) There are no navigate bar in any playlist. How I should find tracks in created playlist???

2) Next one, supershitty. I have the playlist with 530 tracks. Only about 50 tracks are showed. Where are for the **bleep** other tracks??? If i'm scrolling down - nothing happens. In desktop version all fine.

3) How i'm supposed to download playlist??? Where is the button???

I reinstalled the app, but it didn't help**bleep**, a cannt believe. Spotify is my favourite app for about 4 years. PLS HELP.

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