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Latest Update: All Songs Stop Playing after 2-30 seconds

Latest Update: All Songs Stop Playing after 2-30 seconds

SInce yesterday's update, Spotify on my phone (LG Stylo 2) and tablet (Amazon Fire 7", 2015 edition running CM12) will play a song (any song) for anywhere from 2 to 30 seconds and stop.


This isn't a buffering issue: I've had Wi-Fi buffering problems with Spotify for months. When Spotify decides it doesn't want to work on Wi-Fi, the song will still "play", just with long pauses as it buffers. This issue never happens at all over LTE, just Wi-Fi.


My current problem isn't like that. In this case, the song plays and the play\pause button changes from PAUSE (indicating the song is playing) to PLAY (indicating the song has stopped). I can press PLAY again, but it will stop again after another 2-30 seconds. In any case, unlike the Wi-Fi buffering issue (where playback with eventualy resume) in this case, playback will NOT resume, because the player has stopped itself. This also happens over LTE and with offline files, too, so it appears to be a problem with the player itself, not any network issue.


Honestly, I love you, Spotify... but this is really, really, really getting old. The 10,000 song limit. The lack of cloud storage. An Android app that buffers like circa 1997 RealPlayer on Wi-Fi on all my devices, despite the fact that I can stream two HD Netflix streams at once without issue. Disappearing offline tracks. Removing features (especially the ability to queue a playlist - WHY would you remove that???). The dreaded anticipation of an yet another Android update that's probably going to: a) take away another useful feature; b) break the app in some newm novel way' or c) both. This isn't some charity you guys are running here - I PAY YOU MONEY for a music service, and as of this moment, it's not working on Android AT ALL.


Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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