Library missing most of my tracks

Library missing most of my tracks








Pixel 3

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Android Pie


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My library recently changed...  I have no more Songs list; my Artists list has only one artist; and my albums list has four albums.  I've tried nuking data, uninstalling/reinstalling, and have gone through all my settings.  I'm definitely online, and all my playlists do show up, and the songs within them play.


On the home screen, it lists artists I've recently listened to.  I tapped one, and it said there were no playable songs by that artist.  This is incorrect, as I have many of that artist's songs!  It suggested turning on "show unplayable songs" in Settings.  I did that, but it didn't change anything.  This has gone on for a while.  Help?

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I believe since a recent upgrade my premium family library has completely changed. My library now only shows: Playlists, Artists (that I "follow", not downloaded), Albums. 

Songs aren't listed anymore. This is very frustrating. I've tried troubleshooting with the livechat on spotify and nothing helps. I've unintalled and re-installed the app etc and nothing has worked.

Also, my "liked songs" playlist which is supposed to show ALL of my music only shows 83 songs....and I have over 1000+.

If I download one song from an artist there is NO way to find it because songs and artists aren't listed (just Albums are listed.....and I didn't download the full album).



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