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Library view

Casual Listener

Since last update, the Spotify app is really not userfriendly.

Previously there was a clear artists list that included all the artists I follow, as well as artists from whom I have at least one song liked (and downloaded). Now the artists library only shows me the artists I like, and no longer other artists who I don't follow but from whom I have songs liked/downloaded.

Same goes for albums. Also only albums I liked are on this list, no longer albums from which I only have one or a few songs liked.

And why can't I even find a list of all my liked/downloaded songs?!


Please Spotify, fix this update. I am paying Premium because the app had these features, but now all these features are just removed.


One other issue I have with the Webplayer: previously when liking an album, all the album songs would also show in liked songs list, but now it only seems to like the album and not its songs, meaning I need to like/save each song individually to add it to my like list.
Is there any way to like/save all songs of a certain album at once?

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Re: Library view

Casual Listener

Exactly, it's horrible now I cant save individual songs I can only save full albums. But I can like songs. Now my library has songs I like but not necessarily saved, it's way too confusing. And my artists aren't alphabetical unless I follow them all? This update is really upsetting, needs to be fixed