Liked Songs/Albums merged when I joined premium?


Liked Songs/Albums merged when I joined premium?







Sony Xperia XZs

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

Hi, I recently joined premium, having used the free version for a few months now. Prior to joining premium, I most commonly listened to a playlist of my liked songs, which was automatically created and located amongst my other playlists. Whenever I liked a song, it was also added to this playlist, so that was great.

Once I joined premium, however, that playlist disappeared. Instead, I can now go to the songs tab in my library and shuffle play there, but this includes not only my liked songs, but also the songs of all my liked albums. Since almost all my liked albums are Jazz, and almost all my liked songs are not, this has completely messed up this playlist for me.

To add to this train wreck, every album containing a liked song has been added to my liked albums. I don't know who thought that this might be a good idea, but it is not.

I really hope that there is a fix for this mess, otherwise I'll have to switch back to the free version. I can't believe my favourite features have been removed from premium...


P. S. this is also the case when opening spotify through the browser.


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