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Listening playlist in order / Android

Listening playlist in order / Android

Hi everybody,


I mostly use spotify with Android now. When I play a playlist by selecting the first song spotify *ALWAYS* shuffle the playlist (it never plays the playlist in displayed order).


I don't understand why I have the same behavour using or not the green 'random' button (in french 'Lecture Aléatoire').


I search for an option somewhere but didn't find any.


Any idea ?





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Hey @Petaudiere, welcome to the Spotify Community!


We’d like to know a bit more about what’s happening. Can you let us know what’s the device, operating system and version of Spotify you’re using? We’ll see what we can suggest.


We’ll be waiting for your answer.

Hi rodropalma,

Thanks for helping me. My device is a Huawei P9 running on a 5.0.1 Android.
The spotify version is arm7

I should say that this behavior was the same with my previous device samsung s2 or s3 running android 4.4.4

The process is the following:

In spotify go to 'parcourir' the one on the right of home, select the first playlist and select the first song. The second played song is not the second displayed one.

The behavior is same for my playlist.


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