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Local Files Not Syncing To Mobile

Local Files Not Syncing To Mobile

I'm looking for a relatively fast answer, as I am in an airport departing in an hour and a half and I'd like to be able to listen to my music on the plane.


I've been using the local files feature ever since November. It's never really given me a huge problem until today. I downloaded about 85 songs with MediaHuman, put them on my laptop, and attempted to sync them with my Android HTC U11 phone. The files play just fine on my laptop.


The same is not true of my phone. I put all these files in a separate playlist to download from there, but I'm unable to, although the icon next to the playlist indicates that it's downloaded. The songs in the playlist are completely gray with no download icon available, and, upon toggling the aforementioned option, no change occurs.


I have the most recent version of the app on both devices. I've restarted the laptop approximately five times, and restarted the app on my phone even more than that.


I'd appreciate a speedy, thorough response! Thanks!

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Sadly most public access points don't allow the ports used by spotify. You should be able to work round this by creating a wireless hotspot on your android then connect the laptop to this hotspot.

Make sure spotify is running on the laptop and that the connection shows as "private" if you are using windows.

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