Local Files Question


Local Files Question

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I've been trying to make a big playlist lately, and some of the songs I want to put on this playlist aren't on spotify, but I have them saved on my laptop and phone. I have been trying all night to sync the songs from my laptop to my phone. I read the instructions about doing this on the Spotify website. I also read through a few of the threads on here about moving local files to the phone, but nothing is working. My problem may be that I'm on my university's campus wifi. I made sure my phone and laptop are both connected to it. Do you think the problem could be that I'm on this Wifi network?

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Hi @mewowoj and welcome to the community!


I did a step by step construction about that while ago (-> here). Please make sure you also follow it step by step!

And yeah I think it could definitely be caused by your wifi network of your campus, so that there are firewall issues or devices in the network are not allowed to communicate with each other etc...

But please try the construction and head back to me if the problem is still there!

I will then go on and escalate it!


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