Local Files are not downloading


There are a lot of songs that this app does not have, and I have added a whole heap via Local Files through my iTunes playlist. Lately the app has been deciding that it hasn't downloaded any of my songs and goes 'welp, I must download these again' only it doesn't do this with my Local Files. I have tried redownloading them onto my phone, however it just won't let me.

I have tried 

-resetting the router (we do not have hotspot or any other wi-fi nearby to confuse this

- connecting my PC and phone via bluetooth

- reinstalling the app

- changing my download space from my phone to my sim

- removing  my playlists and reinstalling them

- going onto the Spotify help page and doing all that technical bull**bleep** that they suggest.

(If this has something to do with the fact that I can only download 3333 songs onto one device ever, and is removing my songs BECAUSE THE APP DECIDES TO DOWNLOAD THEM MULTIPLE TIMES I am going to be very pissed off. This is the third time it's happened and I've only had premium for two months)



If this continues I am going back to Youtube and iTunes... This is getting to be a joke and I am not impressed.

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