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Local Files not syncing/showing up.

Local Files not syncing/showing up.

Recently my local files became unavailable and undownloaded for whatever reason.  I have tried to get them back by following all the steps on every single forum I could find and absolutely nothing has worked so far.  In fact the issue has gotten worse.  Before the songs showed up as greyed out and unavailable but now 10 out of the 11 songs are not showing up on my phone at all.  Not even greyed out.  This is odd since the playlists show the same number of songs on both my PC and phone.  For example I made a playlist of just the local songs I wanted and on my phone it shows that there are 11 songs in the playlist but when I open it only one shows up and is greyed out.


Both spotify.exe's are allowed through the firewall under public and private.  I did restart my computer.  The playlists are available offline.  I deleted the cache for Spotify on my phone.  I uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify on my phone.  The phone and computer are on the same network. The files are .mp3 (Some are from iTunes and others are from Amazon Music and I did set the file for Amazon Music as an allowed file).  I can play the local files through Spotify on my PC.  I have updated all versions of every program (iTunes, Amazon Music, Quicktime, Spotify).  I have tried undownloading and redownloading the songs from either Amazon or iTunes.


Having the same playlist open on both devises does nothing and there is no sync option.


I have tried every troubleshooting option I can think of and absolutely nothing works

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I have the exact same problem. 

Same problem here....please fix...

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