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Local Files play silently after being downloaded in the app.

Local Files play silently after being downloaded in the app.

So I've been encountering a weird problem where when I download certain local files onto my Nexus 5 i'll be able to play them, but there will be no audio and when the track finishes it won't move onto the next song in the playlist. I've downloaded other local files and they have been working fine, but others have not. I was wondering if it was a problem with the file type since the files that have been working are all MP3, whereas the ones that aren't are all M4A, but when I convert them and try them in an MP3 format they won't play on my phone.

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The help page says "Spotify supports .mp3, .mp4, and .m4p files. It doesn’t support .mp4 files that contain video. We’ll do our best to match any unsupported local files with songs from the Spotify catalog." which is why your m4a files won't play.


Is it possible the original files are DRM protected? If so, even converting them to mp3 won't help.

They could be, although I entered in the passwords to unlock the music files. The m4a files are working in the desktop version but not the mobile version. I'll try playing around with things a bit more. Thanks for the help though!

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