Local files are missing album art on my Android

Local files are missing album art on my Android

I have tried deleting the files I downloaded on my PC and readding them. I even added the albums to iTunes and imported that way but I can't get the art to show when I sync the playlist to my phone. It's annoying seeing a grey generic picture on all my music.

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You need to check that the album art is embedded in the music file metadata for it to display in spotify. There are plenty of free programmes to do this.

I don't know how to do this. Can you please show me how

Tried a Google search?

I tried mp3tag and I see nowhere in the app to embed art into metadata. I already checked each file and the art is there without me altering a thing, so they must be embedded right?

Same thing for me! on iPhone no artwork but on the computer i see it




2 weeks later and I haven't solved the issue. Incompetent app and forum

If you need help with using mp3tag, they have their own support.

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