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Local files error

Local files error

I can't download the music files from my PC on my Android, because I always get a "Waiting to download" message. I already tried everything from the article, including moving the files to another playlist and reinstalling the app, but nothing solved the problem. I have 5 GB of free space and I'm connected in the same Wi-Fi network in my PC and my phone. Please help

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I'm sorry I can't suggest a solution, but I can say I'm having this issue too.


All my local files are greyed out in the app, Spotify Connect won't stream from my laptop to my phone, the phone won't download the files even if "download" is checked on the playlist, just says "waiting to download" forever.


Devices on the same connection, firewall disabled, same account etc.

I just reinstalled the app on the computer, and I reinstalled the app on my phone last night which is what caused this issue to worsen again.


I have tried removing my devices from the offline list, this just removed all my songs from my library on my phone and now I can no longer access any local files at all, they are all greyed out.

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