Local files getting grayed out


Local files getting grayed out





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Android 9 Pie


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 So I have a bunch of local files in my playlist, because hey, not everything is on Spotify. Problem is that sometimes after I've played them they become grayed out. They still have the green "Downloaded" icon next to them and they can still be played, however they cannot be played automatically. If I play the song above it, the next song that will be played is the one below the grayed out one. It just skips it. Pretty sure it also doesn't show up when using the shuffle feature.

The three dots next to it usually bring up the options to either save the song, remove it from the playlist, add it to another playlist or add to the queue. Though now only the save and remove from playlist options show up.


This doesn't just happen to one single track, it happens to any downloaded local files I've recently played.

It might have something to do with me closing the app with that track active, but I have yet to confirm this, and if that is the case it doesn't happen every time.


Anyone able to help me out here?

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Re: Local files getting grayed out


Exactly same issue here (Android Pie too)


Same problem, some tracks are greyed out after a while. They are still playable BUT are skipped from playlist playing. In fact, playback is stopped when a greyed out song reachs out.


So frustrating