Local files on phone speeded up and lagged


Local files on phone speeded up and lagged







Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

Operating System

Android 5.0.2


My Question or Issue

Hello! I got an issue some time ago and, as I couldn't manage it by myself, I decided to write down my problem.

Recently I used the option with local files on Spotify - I did it, it worked perfectly, I made a playlist with these songs and downloaded on phone. Everything was okay until one day, when suddenly I couldn't listen to these songs on my phone. I was in other place back then and had no chance to go back to home, to reach wi-fi the same as my laptop. So I deleted these songs and waited, till I get back home and repeat that instruction with downloading local files. But still it was really weird and didn't work.

The problem is - the songs are strangely speeded up, lagged and shorted like by a half. It was impossible to listen. On PC everything was okay, but on my phone only local files feeled just wrong. I tried to reinstall Spotify, I tried to delete cache multiple times, but still it was just the same. I would love to listen to these songs on Spotify, but I can't 😕

I hope you will apologize my mistakes and grammar and will help me to solve this problem. Have a nice day! 

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