Local files won't download on my Android device

Local files won't download on my Android device

This is something that have worked flawlessly before, but suddenly Spotify decided to **bleep** the bed. 


I have some local files on my computer, that play on desktop - no problem. I put the songs into a playlist, and make it offline. No problem. I try to download the playlist on my Android, and nothing happens. The songs are all grey, they won't play, and Spotify downloads nothing. 


Before any of you suggest it:

- Yes, I'm logged in with the same user on both devices

- Yes, I'm connected to the same Wi-fi network

- Yes, network discovery is enabled 


I do know that the firewall might stop the process of syncing the files, but even when I deactivated firewall nothing happened. I use the McAfee virus program, so if anyone has experience with that, help would be appreciated.


As I've already said, this used to work completely fine before - I would just tap the download switch and the playlist of local files would download. Now it refuses to do so, and it frustrates me endlessly.

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I'm having the exact same problem where I never did before..i'm so frustrated!!



does nobody know what causes this?

I have the same issue! Few weeks ago it works fine, but now I'm not able to download offline songs on my Android device.

Hope that with the future update they will fix but I would like to know if it a Spotify desktop's problem or the android version's problem.


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