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Local files won't play

Local files won't play

hey guys, so i'm on premium in australia and ive a motorola g6 plus on android something,

my issue is that some of my local files work and some don't

like take this for example


as you can see electric barbarella doesnt work, but the thing is a few days ago it DID work perfectly fine when i first added it

i've tried re-adding the file multiple times but it doesn't work

also i have more local files too embarassing to post here and appear downloaded like those working files, but when i click on them to play them they do not work.

i understand absolutely nothing but a few days ago i tried to move my spotify files into my sd card storage and it didn't really work i don't think, so would that have something to do with it? should i reinstall? thanks

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Hey there @rlyded !


There seems to be an issue happened hile tranferring your local devices from one memory to another. Is it possible for you to try clean reinstall and see if it works? Keep me posted.

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