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Locally synced files only play right channel audio

Locally synced files only play right channel audio

I've added a few mp3's from my local collection into Spotify to sync to my phone (Android, 4.2.2). The problem is, when I go to play the synced files from my phone, only the right channel audio plays. If I have headphones on, only the right ear works, if I use an aux cable in my car only the right side speakers work.


I've tried multiple headphones and aux cables, as well as bluetooth audio in my car, they all yield the same result. The mp3's played on my desktop version of Spotify (OS X) play full stereo audio.


Both variants of Spotify are up to date. Streaming a song from the Spotify catalog or playing one synced from Spotify plays both channels, I have streaming and syncing set both to Extreme Quality.

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Thanks for this, it sounds like a strange one. Is it the same specific files, or any local ones you sync over? First of all, please try resyncing the tracks.

If this continues, it will be useful to know a bit more information. Please let us know your phone's

- Model
- Spotify version

Do you use any EQ apps on your phone?

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It seems to be for ANY file synced locally, I have tried multiple versions of the same song and they all provide the same result. I have re-synced multiple times to the same issue.


I am using a Verizon Galaxy S3, running Cyanogenmod (Jul 2 release).

Spotify is at


Cyanogenmod comes with a built in DSP manager which Spotify will open if I choose "Audio Effects," but I do not have any of the DSP features enabled. 

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