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Lock screen ICS app not functioning

Lock screen ICS app not functioning

Hi there,

After first installing the new beta app for ICS on my Galaxy S2, the lock screen widget functioned properly. However, now it does not seem to function anylonger.

Tips anyone? It functioned using pin code, I've tried all other security options, it just won't appear anymore.


Just re-installed... All my off line playlists gone, including the ones with my own music... Bloody heck...

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Welcome to the wonderful world of  Spotify on Android!

I'm having the same issue.  It's strange that it will not work again even after a reinstall or data clear as mentioned in the bottom of this post.

Friend with a SGSII has the same, no controls in lockscreen. He's running the stock ICS that Samsung pushed out.


Works great for me on my HTC One X.

OS: 64-bit Windows 7 Professional

Same here. It worked after installing Spotify but after a few hours it just disappeared. Have you heard of any solutions to this problem? 

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