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Lock screen widget dislike changed to like & my Spotify usage dropped a lot

Lock screen widget dislike changed to like & my Spotify usage dropped a lot



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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Android 13



when exploring Discover Weekly & Release Radar playlists I always used the dislike to very quiickly filter out the stuff I don't like, without unlocking and any other action, especially while working. This left only the stuff I liked and I could let the playlist play on loop without much attention and then later when I had time optionally add something really good from these playlists to my playlists or just use these playlists until their next update without the need to skip.


It's already couple of months since the dislike has been replaced with like and the process described above is now much more complicated & time consuming. So annoyingly much in fact that I am observing using Spotify way less to not get annoyed by it and my Spotify usage dropped significantly because I just don't want t to lose so much of  attention & time to unlock, go to the app and dislike the song there and be triggered that it was working so well before and it's not possible anymore. It adds unneeded negative emotion to the music dicovery.


If I dislike something, I don't wsnt to hear any anymore but with this, I don't want to like what I like and then repeat the playlist and skip again the stuff I don't like because I didn't want todo the longer process.  And in liked songs I can't loop just the filtered new stuff from DW and RR playlists.


Please let it to the user to decide which action should be there.








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Hey @devadevi,


Thanks for reaching out and taking the time to share your feedback.


We fully understand your point and we've made sure to forward your feedback to the relevant team. In the meantime, make sure to vote and subscribe to this idea


Let us know if there's anything else.

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